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Join the YFU GMC [Global Media Committee]

Open call for YFU volunteers skilled in video editing to join the YFU GMC, an international team for YFU's social media and website.

YFU is looking for 1-2 passionate volunteers skilled in video editing and/or video production to join forces on reviving and creating content for YFU's global social media channels and website. The SM channels include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. Besides the usual social media content, we also aim to publish some longer pieces on these channels as well as on the global website. The team's skills range from video editing to writing, interviewing and visual design skills. Read the further requirements below and leave your application through this form latest by 25.9.2022!

Who and what you will work with

- The GMC will consist of 4-6 volunteers and one Global Office staff member
- You will work on tasks related to your expertise, be it content planning and production, video editing, writing, interviewing, scripting or visual design. Your input will contribute to the larger themes and campaigns planned for 2022 and 2023 in YFU

What we are looking for in YOU

- Commitment to the team and willingness to participate in joint meetings and planning as much as you can
- Ability to work on tasks independently
- Interest in the field of communication and/or media and some experience or knowledge in this field
- Some specific skill you wish to contribute with to the team: video editing, writing, interviewing, scripting or visual design
- Willingness to learn and understand the YFU brand and its global structure
- You enjoy working with communication tasks and social media and are willing to try out new things!

 What you will gain
- Experience in operating in an international team
- Skill development in the fields of communication and media
- Opportunity to use your skills for a global brand and to try out new things
- See your piece of work appear in the global communication channels of YFU!

Time commitment estimation:

- Team meetings : at least every other week, around 1 hour.
- Workload: will depend on the projects you sign up for, but you should expect to work on this project at least 5h/week
- Project duration: 1 year, starting in September 2022

Apply through this form latest by 25.9.2022 We will contact you for further steps after you have submitted the form. If you have any questions related to the committee, the tasks or qualifications, please contact