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YFU’s 70th Anniversary Celebration Team

Call for Volunteers

Dear YFU Friends, Colleagues, Family, Alumni, Volunteers, and more, 

Reaching the end of a complicated year, where nothing has been going as initially planned, we need to look back at this ending year for a few seconds and admit one thing: the world is going to need help in the coming years to recover from such an ordeal!

Besides Covid-19, we at YFU believe that most of the crisis we are facing today can only be solved globally! And we believe that YFU is part of the global solution because:
We are GLOBAL!
We are part of something BIGGER THAN OURSELVES!

And it is more important than ever to prepare young people for the responsibilities and opportunities which are emerging in a changing, interdependent world!

2021 is the 70th Anniversary of YFU!

And here is a new opportunity to let the world know about YFU! Seventy years ago, building on the initiative proposed by John Eberly and Rachel Andresen to give the youth of the day a new perspective on peace, the first exchange group left Germany to live for some months in the USA! This was the beginning of YFU story! And here we are, on the cusp of the 70th Anniversary of that amazing and inspiring experience, and we want to celebrate it to not only honor those who were there at the beginning, but also those who have added their stories all along YFU’s seventy-year journey. Each year, thousands of exchange students spread over 55 countries leave their home country to go and live for some weeks or months in another country, on another latitude, in another culture. This is an amazing endeavor, and this deserves to be celebrated with gusto in 2021!!!!


We invite you to join the 70th Anniversary Celebration Team – or ACT! The team will be in charge of designing, implementing and coordinating a yearlong program that will celebrate ALL the YFU communities around the world!

An ACT Volunteer will play a vital role in the YFU Network and the YFU community! Whatever participation you currently have within the YFU Network (as a volunteer, an alum, a member of your national or regional board or of the International Board), you are welcome to apply!

We are pleased to expand the 70th Anniversary Celebration Tea
m with volunteers coming from numerous countries, comfortable with speaking English, who would like to be part of the 70th ACT, and help design, implement and coordinate the yearlong program.

We are looking for volunteer support in various positions that require specific skills and also volunteers who have been involved in YFU and have organizational skills and would like to devote time to implement initiatives, honouring YFU’s seventy-year journey.

Here are Volunteer positions we are searching for, If you see yourself fitting the role - sign up!

IT support for online events - The pandemic is not stopping us to connect with the YFU community, quite the contrary - it motivates us even to extend our connections across the globe. Organising a virtual event brings a handful of challenges. Will everyone is able to log on? We are looking for someone who has experience organizing, streaming events ensuring the event functions without a glitch.

Communication and Marketing - the written word is your type of arts. You are sure that telling the story can inspire people to take actions. You are passionate about Social media, would like to work in a team with the Anniversary Celebration Team and create Social media campaigns that reveal the true community spirit of YFU around the globe.

Video editing - You see life through the lens of a movie! Creating video stories is your hobby and you have experience working with video editing programs. We will be happy to have your support and knowledge in various initiatives creating stories and editing video files.

Tik Tok content creation
- you will team up and brainstorm together with other creators to share with the world YFU exchange, hosting and volunteering spirit in the YFU TikTok account. If you are enjoying Instagram Reels and Tik Tok and you would like to share your experience - sign up!

History lovers
- we are searching for additional support in our team people who have an interest in historical events globally and in the national level and would support us to connect puzzle pieces of YFU history worldwide.

Organizing and planning
- you have experience in organizing events and you have been involved with YFU actively and willing to devote your time to organize the 70th Anniversary of YFU - Sign up! Being involved in this role it is important that you are able to see the big picture and meantime to take care of details and logistic issues. We are looking for additional people to join the ACT Core team with their perspective and organizational skills.

How to become a team member

 You are welcome to apply also if your skills are not mentioned above, but you have a strong motivation to join the YFU 70th Anniversary Celebration Team. Let us know what excites you to join the team and what skills and knowledge you could contribute.
Please manifest your interest by the 28th of March 2021. The Application form is HERE.

Results will be announced in the first week of April!