Press Kit

How to use the YFU Brand as an external audience

On this page, you will find our press kit and visual material guideline to help you utilize the YFU brand.
Along with our branding package, you will find additional visuals, such as callouts and photography, that you can utilize when presenting YFU. If you need to get in touch with us, please find our contact info below or send an email to

Our story
YFU believes that positive global change and cultural understanding is possible through youth exchange. Through our exchange programs, we offer our participants a journey of their lifetime, either as students or host families. We are a network in over 50 countries, sharing the belief, that what starts with a single person, will over time, influence society and even nations. Through our exchange programs we support personal growth, increased understanding of other cultures, and none the least a deeper understanding of one’s own culture and background. We believe that our programs provide the ultimate reality check to a worldview based on stereotypes. In helping people of all ages to make the world their home, we help them to appreciate differences and embrace similarities. We are a volunteer based organization, with dedicated staff around the world, relaying on over 60 years of experience.

Our logo
The YFU logo is the centerpiece of our visual identity. It is the key design element representing our organization and the basis for our design approach. The YFU logo is made up of two distinctive parts: the figurative mark and a logotype including the tag line, program descriptor or URL.

Consistency is best. Please consider placement and context, and avoid intermixing too many versions of the logo within one medium.

Please use the following instructions for policies regarding usage of the YFU logo, and find the “Logo & Figurative Mark Cheat Sheet” (PDF) in the branding package available for download below.

YFU colors

YFU’s main brand color is  YFU’s Purple, complemented by six brand colors. Each color aligns with the various YFU lines of business:

Teal: Study Abroad

Yellow: Host Family

Red: Volunteer

    Light Blue: Educators

    Lime Green: Alumni

    Dark Blue: Donors

    It is important that colors are not reassigned. For example, Volunteer-related visuals, such as icons and call outs, will be in Volunteer red.

    Additional Colors

    YFU additional color values are shades and tints of YFU primary colors. Each tint and shade complements its original color, therefore aligning with the various YFU lines of business.

    Do not reassign tints and shades to other color groups. Do not adjust the tint or shade of the color palette.


    The "Historical and Founders Photos" folder contains imagery taken during the founding years of YFU with a focus on our founder, Dr. Rachel Andresen, and the first program participants.


    The “Program Photos” folder contains visuals on our programs, with samples from our studying abroad, hosting and volunteering experiences.Please use these photos accordingly, accompanying them to the appropriate target audience text. For instance, use volunteer-based photography when talking about volunteer programs or related experiences.

    Website and social media

    Website and social media

    When linking to our website, please use as a general link, or the appropriate URL referring to our programs, such as:

    Study Abroad:

    Host Families:


    About YFU:

    YFU can also be found on social media:





    If you’d like to share some of our promotional videos on YFU’s programs, please find them at:

    Studying Abroad-related Videos:

    •    A-Z of Studying Abroad

    •    Why Exchange

    •    A Day in the Life: Jay’s Story

    •    A Day in the Life: Fabio’s Story

    •    Tips to Current and Future Exchange Students

    •    Jack’s Story
    Hosting-related Videos:

    •    A-Z of Hosting

    Volunteering-related Videos:

    •    A-Z of Volunteering