Dana Lee

Dana Lee is currently the national director of YFU China. She has been part of the YFU family already for 25 years, before which had worked with other exchange organizations through some rough times. 

"When we were finally accepted by YFU as partner, it was a very big deal for us because YFU has been known as one of the leaders and top-quality programs in the international exchange industry. I was very honored to become a member of the YFU international community. Throughout the years, YFU has become not only my career but also my family."

"There are many touching moments during my time with YFU. In 1999 when I served as a chaperone to fly about 15 hours with a group of 50 students to the U.S. On the plane the flight attendant broadcasted several times for me to calm down my students who were too excited and made too much noise on their first ever trip overseas. I kept talking and asking students to be quiet and was totally exhausted and lost my voice during the long flight. When I first saw the YFU logo sign and the familiar face of YFU USA colleague at the international arrival, I was so happy and almost burst into tears. The feeling is like I finally see my family after much difficult times.

In the countless YFU story sharing events, I cannot forget about one Chinese host mom told us about her American son who spent one exchange year and then came back to visit them almost every year. During the U.S. fighter jet collapse with Chinese aircraft, she asked her host son what he would do if there is a war between the two countries. He answered that he had recognized China as his second home country and could never fight with his Chinese brothers no matter what. This made me realized how meaningful our job is and we are truly contributing toward cross cultural understanding and world peace.

Through my time with YFU there were quite some challenge times and we almost had to shut down for good several times. However, when I think about so many young people who gained life changing experience and grow so much through our exchange program, and when I think about the world can be a much better place with more mutual respect and more love due to our exchange programs, I reconfirmed that every little steps and effort we made is worth it no matter how hard it could be now and in the future."

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